And now a word from Kenny Chesney’s hat

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 10.58.31 PM

“It’s not easy being a cowboy hat. Especially when you’re hired to cover the bald head and grotesquely misshapen forehead of a country star 24/7. I mean really dude, who the hell sleeps in a hat!? KENNETH FUCKING CHESNEY, THAT’S WHO!

Sure he takes me off to shower, but he wears me right up until he steps under the water because he doesn’t want his girlfriend to find out he’s fucking bald – it’s just absurd! So I’ve gotta sweat it out for the next 30 mins on top of the toilet while he showers without the fan on, then it’s back on his sweaty head for the next 18 hours!

The Personal Journals of Oliver OX

Here I am in concert with him last year. He sweats like water balloons are bursting through his skull.

Give it up Kenney

Look at my poor back brim all bent out of shape like that… the jackass sleeps on his back ya know.


Oh Christ I remember this photo shoot. 10 Different people bending and molesting my brim because he’s got a forehead like an ostrich!


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