Going Postal On Junk Mail

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 11.24.39 PM

Some rainforest in Brazil is crying so Citibank can send me credit card offers every week. If you’re anything like me and feel your colon winding itself into knots every time you open the mailbox to find this crap – don’t get mad, get even!

FACT: These prepaid postage envelopes cost Citibank roughly twenty cents for every ounce.

Fight junk mail and stuff these envelopes with a thin sheet of metal, wood, cardboard, melted candle wax or random weighty object you have no use for, and send it back to them – they have to pay for the postage! (NOTE: stiff or inflexible items are considered “Non-Standard” mail by the USPS and thus cost the credit card companies more loot)

package2 Hell, if you’re really feeling frisky, cut the envelope and  tape it neatly to a box (as pictured) and mail that dusty volume of encyclopedias you haven’t cracked open since you got the internet.

The post office keeps cutting staff because of declining business? Well, mailing back a company their own junk gives the post office a hefty source of added revenue from credit card companies and may just solve an annoying environmentally wasteful practice if enough of us participate.


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