The Devil is in the Details

So many gorgeous Asian girls here in San Francisco. Sexy delicate nymphs that define elegance; so modest and proper, bedroom eyes, impossibly healthy hair, porcelain skin, and teeth like that pit thing from Return of The Jedi.

I’m not trying to be shallow or culturally insensitive here. I mean crooked is one thing, but crooked AND the color of fall foliage is another. I couldn’t care less if you have a clubbed foot, scoliosis, or a mole with another mole on it…whatevs… But healthy teeth are a must. Having a hot girlfriend with teeth like Stonehenge is like driving a Ferrari with a permanent pelican shit stains across windshield. The wipers do nothing but smear it in a half circle so now you’re forced to drive your sexy miracle machine looking under a permanent arc of dried pelican turd. Sometimes the Devil is in the details.


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