Driving Me Crazy

Every car horn in this city represents one greasy pube who slipped through the drain at the DMV. Either that or it’s a San Francisco bus driver. Some of them sound like they’re practicing CPR on the damn steering column.

But I can’t blame them – if I had to drive for a living in this city I would’ve guzzled drain cleaner by now.

Stupidity is everywhere you look…

Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 3.46.41 PM


Some oblivious turdsack stopped at a green light, browsing Tinder instead of driving. [HONK!]

Another horse cunt, cutting across 4 lanes without signaling [HONK!]

And GOD help us all if the driver’s an Asian woman,  Jesus H. Christ… you may as well be throwing grenades out the window, it’d be less of a risk to life and property. [HONK!]

Of course, if you get worked up enough to honk at these clowns, they give you the finger. That’s how stupidity works, it can’t stand the sight of itself.


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